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In October 1998, when mp3 technology was the hottest story of the day, and everyone in the industry was fretting and trying to get it banned (likely..), Nightnurse stuck two fingers up at everybody and released the first ever UK single to officially use the mp3 format. Although released on 7", the mp3 was, and still is, available free from this site. Grab your slice of digital music history below..

"Is it worth downloading? Actually, yes. Big drums, strident riffs, haunting vocals and twisted slabs of drawn-out noise. Nightnurse could soon be making a very big splash indeed - 4/5." - Kerrang! 11/98

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Welcome to the Nursery!

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News Updates..

  • 8th Feb 2006 - Myspace site

    We've just set up a page on myspace.com - come join us at http://www.myspace.com/nightnurselondon

  • 9th May 2005 - Matt releases debut album... as a drummer!

    With not a lot happening in the Nightnurse camp right now, May 9th 2005 sees guitarist Matt's debut release as drummer for London based Industrial band 'Interlock'. Check out the site at www.interlock.org.uk.

  • 1st July 2003 Over half a million visits to nightnurse.com!!!

    As of June 2003, our site has recorded a stunning 500,000 hits! (since october 1997). This includes over 30,000 downloads of the IDF mp3. We don't know how we did it either (actually, we might have a clue but we're not telling you!), but we'd like to thank everyone for their support!!

What Happened To Nightnurse?

After three successful indie singles (including Skirt, No.11 in the UK indie chart), tours, and an appearance at Reading Festival, Nightnurse recorded their debut at London's blackwing studios in 1998. Unfortunately it turned out the record company didn't have the money to pay for the finished recordings, and fell into liquidation. The tapes of the album finished up being auctioned off by the liquidators - but as anyone required the band's permission to do anything with them, they were useless to anyone but Nightnurse.

The full story will surface in due course, you can find an expanded version on our Myspace page, but to cut a long story short, after an immense legal wrangle, the tapes do now belong to the band and the album will be due out in due course!

We've have put a couple of real audio streams of some rough mixes below as a taster. They'll probably end up re-mixed, re-recorded, turned inside out or whatever for the album. Or maybe not...

FULL TRACKS: (Real Audio)

(Or download the 'IDF' mp3 from the left..)
We Call London Home

The album features all members of Nightnurse past and present inc. Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), Dicki Fliszar (Bruce Dickinson), Debbie Smith (Curve, Echobelly), Matt Platts (Interlock), Charley Stone (Gay Dad), Alex Lutes, and of course Ellyott Dragon.

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